Cathedral Press is a company steeped in history and tradition. Our story began over 65 years ago, in 1945, in a Baptist pastor's home in Michigan. The Reverend Kenneth Beilby noticed a void in his Christian ministry – the need for appropriate bulletins for his evangelical church. He wished for beautiful art that represented the Christian calendar and a space where he could communicate with his congregation inspiring them to a deeper faith. When his search came up empty, Rev. Beilby was inspired to begin his own company, known today as Cathedral Press, as a means to fill the void and assist other churches with similar print and communication gaps.

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At the time, he started operations under the name Baptist Bulletin Service. The early bulletins consisted of mostly one-color or two-color photos. Since then, Rev. Beilby’s work has fully developed and grown; we now offer an assortment of ministry products and print materials in full four-color process. Today, the company operates as Cathedral Press and while Baptist congregations continue to be a large portion of our business, we now serve almost every denomination in areas all over the world.

Located in Long Prairie, Minnesota, Cathedral Press is able to operate in a single location on a local, national and international platform through the use of a highly skilled staff, modern equipment, technically advanced software and an enhanced sense of detail and organization. We are a reputable and reliable bulletin printing company and ministry supply organization that strives to produce and deliver materials at superior standards with a high level of consistent results.

Our Mission:
We value community, and believe it is an important component in a rich faith-life. Our mission, then, is to provide a link between you and your congregation, to enrich the lives of the people you serve. By providing a specially designed image, a carefully chosen phrase or scripture verse, and related poem or devotional, our bulletins can provide an added dimension to your worship service – and deepen the faith of your congregation.

Contact us for available weekly bulletin services, bulletin customizing, ministry products and pricing inquires. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and earn your business - 800-874-8332 (U.S. only).

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