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Design Services – Creativity Meets Faith
While our worship bulletins are created to honor your faith and enhance your worship they must also meet our high technical standards. Our creative team of editors, art directors and designers work on the most advanced graphic design computers with the most up-to-date softwares, insisting that the bulletin covers are as technically perfect as they are spiritually appropriate. All of our full-color covers are carefully designed, keeping faith values in mind, while our folders offer a dedicated space for you to communicate with your congregation.

Print Production – Quality Without Compromise
Cathedral Press’ pre-printed four-color bulletins and custom printed products, such as church letterhead, are printed using advanced equipment, and are of the highest quality. We employ several quality control checks to ensure you receive the product you need: a product that is developed to your specifications and shipped on time, that moves through your copier cleanly and easily, and inspires your community to a more active faith. You have our word on it.

Customer Service – Whatever It Takes
Of our more than 15,000 congregations located in more than a dozen countries, many have been with us more than 40 years. Our employees, too, are dedicated, with an average tenure of nearly two decades. We think it’s because of our traditional-centered philosophies – philosophies that demand high quality products, honest service, and fair prices.

Order Form
How did you learn about Cathedral Press?

If you received any advertising that prompted your use of our product, please enter any product code from the mailing label.

Bulletin size 8-1/2 x 11 inches or 8-1/2 x 14 inches

Options for 8-1/2 x 11 inch bulletins: scripture references quoted in King James Version or New International Version. On the back page I would like the standard devotional message that is prepared for each week (no extra charge) or the back page blank.

The 8-1/2 x 14 inch bulletins are only available with the King James Version of scripture. The back page comes in blank only, and the tear-off is blank.

Start my order effective on the following day of worship: Month  Date

Number of bulletins per Sunday.
Minimum quantity is 25 per week. Quantity increases are by increments of 25.

Note: We need 2 to 3 weeks before the starting date to process your order.

The bulletins cost $6.05 per hundred for the 11 inch version and $7.60 per hundred for the 14 inch version. Our orders are shipped quarterly in 3 month supplies. Shipping is additional. The bulletins will come to you flat so that you may add your own copy to the inside.

You may also order extra bulletins for those Sundays when you anticipate increased attendance. These will be shipped with your regular order.

I would like additional bulletins for the following Sundays.
Please order in multiples of 25.

New Years
Palm Sunday
Maunday Thursday
Good Friday
Mother's Day
Father's Day

Good Friday bulletins are the same price as your regular bulletins if they are shipped with the regular order. If shipped separately, the bulletins are $8.50/100, $37.00/500, $64.00/1000.

Bulletins are sent quarterly and an invoice is included with each shipment. Prompt payment of the invoice is appreciated. If you have changes to your order, or wish to cancel the subscription service, please notify us by the dates specified in the shipping schedule.

I understand that this is a continuous subscription to the Cathedral Press Every Sunday Bulletin Service. By filling out and submitting the form, I agree to the terms and conditions of this order and will pay the invoice when it is received each shipment.

Name of church

Billing Address (for mailing any statements that may be necessary)
City    State/Province Zip/ Postal Code
Church Phone    Church e-mail

Shipping Address This must be a physical location of the church or another business that will accept your shipment. United Parcel Service charges extra for deliveries to non-business addresses. A location with posted business hours is preferable. You may also choose to use the Postal System and have us ship to a P. O. Box.

Name    Address
City    State/Province  Zip/Postal Code
Name of contact person.   Phone number of contact person

Each quarter we publish art work that may be used in your bulletin or in other church publications. If ordered, it will come packed with your bulletin shipment. The cost is $1.95 per quarter. Please enter my subscription to the quarterly clip-art.

We also offer four books containing several hundred items of art. Plus, much of the art work we have published in the past is available on CD-rom disks. There are 4 books and 4 CDs available. The books are $24.95 for the first one; the second book is free; the 3rd and 4th books are $12.50 each.The CDs are $20 each or all 4 for $75. Shipping and handling charges are additional.

Please send me Book 1       Book 2       Book 3       Book 4      

                        CD 1       CD 2       CD 3       CD 4       CD Set (includes all 4 CDs)

Imprinting Service

You can personalize your bulletins with an imprint at the bottom of the front page. The church name and address, church telephone and/or email, and the pastor's name and phone number are among the information that can be included in the imprint. Space limitations at the bottom of the bulletin require that the imprint be limited to 5 lines of type. Headline styles of type may be used for the church name, but that will count as 2 lines of type. Headline type is not available for any lines other than the church name. See the page with sample displays of how our imprints appear. Imprinting service costs $13.50 for the first 1000 sheets and $1.25 per 100 sheets after that. Example: if your church uses 100 bulletins per Sunday, the cost of the imprinting is $17.25. This is added to the cost of the bulletins and the cost of the shipping.

Yes, I would like a front page imprint. (5 lines maximum)

line 1
line 2
line 3
line 4
line 5

I would like the first line in headline style

The space below the devotional message may also be used for added information that does not fit in the standard imprint space. There is a one-time charge for setting the type for this information. The cost for printing this information is $3.00 per quarter, in addition to the regular imprinting fee. This back page imprint is only available with a front page imprint.

Yes, I would like a back page imprint (only available when you have a front page imprint).
The space limit for the back page is approximately 8 lines.

We offer other printing services with your own personal copy for the entire back page. We also design and print bulletins with your own front and/or back page. Call us for information about these services.

Security test. Please identify the pictures: *

Personalized Bulletins

Beautiful and inspirational bulletins can help make every service a unique and meaningful time of worship. You can be assured that as an organization, which honors family, tradition and honesty, we are committed to maintaining integrity in our product and weekly bulletin services.

Cathedral Press - Printing Producion Center

Cathedral Press is proud to offer a complete year-round program, a unique package plan of distinctive Custom Art bulletins designed specifically for your church. There are several plans that you may choose from, each has been developed to meet your needs and price point.

Personalized Custom Bulletins
Add beauty to your church services through the use of personalized, custom bulletins incorporating a photo or line drawing of your church. Our custom bulletin package plan offers you the following:

  • Custom Bulletins with a photo or line drawing of your specific church available in one or two colors of ink
  • Your own custom designed bulletin for a specific number of weeks per year
  • Full-Color Cathedral bulletins for all special days such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Your choice of other multi-colored bulletins for up to 12 weeks per year
  • Bulletins printed on high quality stock suitable for printing, mimeo-graphing or copying
  • Back Cover printing available
  • Your choice of ink colors

Bulletin Subscription Services

  • Plan A – 52 Weeks – Personal Custom Art Folders
  • Plan B – 48 Weeks – Personal Custom Art Folders plus special multicolored folders for Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Plan C – 40 Weeks - Personal Custom Art Folders plus twelve multicolored folders (one each month) including the special days in Plan B.

*Bulletin Subscriptions include all artwork, type setting, and black & white proofs for your approval.

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