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Attention Cathedral Press Customers: We will remain open as we feel after legal consultation we do meet the critical business criteria for our state. We will be closing our business to walk-in traffic, but will be open during our normal hours. We will begin shipping Third Quarter orders on or after April 1st as is our normal timeline. We're sorry for any inconvenience this causes any of you. We're praying for our families, customers, communities, state, nation and world in this very trying time. We know God is in control and place our faith in him.

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*Call 1-800-874-8332 (U.S. only) for availability.

Printing of Weekly Bulletins | Your Message Matters

Design Services — Where Creativity Meets Faith

While our worship bulletins are created to honor your faith and enhance your worship, they must also meet our high technical standards. Cathedral Press' professional team of editors, art directors, and designers use advanced graphic design tools to create bulletin covers that are as technically perfect as they are spiritually appropriate. All of our full-color covers are carefully designed, keeping faith values in mind, while our folders offer a dedicated space for you to communicate with your congregation.

Print Production — Quality Without Compromise

Cathedral Press' pre-printed four-color bulletins and custom printed products — letterhead, envelopes, etc. — are printed using advanced equipment, and are of the highest quality. We employ several quality control checks to ensure you receive the product you need: a product that is developed to your specifications; a product that is shipped on time; a product that moves through your copier cleanly and easily; and a product that inspires your community to a more active faith. You have our word on it.

Customer Service — Doing Whatever It Takes

We are proud to state that many of our more than 15,000 congregations spread across a dozen plus countries, have been relying on our print services for over 40 years. Our employees, too, are dedicated, with an average tenure of nearly two decades. We think it is because of our traditional-centered philosophies — philosophies that demand high quality products, honest service, and fair prices. At Cathedral Press we do whatever it takes to ensure that you get the products you need, when you need them so you can spread your message.

  • Custom Bulletin Shells with a photo or line drawing of your specific church available in one or two colors of ink

  • Your own custom designed bulletin shell for a specific number of weeks per year

  • Full-Color Cathedral bulletins for all special days such as Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • Your choice of other multi-colored bulletins for up to 12 weeks per year

  • Bulletins printed on high quality stock suitable for printing, mimeo-graphing or copying

  • Back Cover printing available

  • Your choice of ink colors

Personalized Bulletins | Separating Your Congregation from the Rest

Greet or leave your guests with something meaningful and appealing — hand them a personalized church bulletin. Likely the most-read printed material your church provides, your bulletin shell should mimic the look and feel of your ministry. At Cathedral Press we can do just that; we can add immediate recognition to your weekly handout through the use of a personalized, custom bulletin shell.

Personalized bulletin shells are printed on smooth high-quality stock paper and are perfect for running through your in-house printer. Let Cathedral Press take the guess work out and add the personalization in — we can design, print, and ship your personalized bulletin shells based on your specifications.

When it comes to personalized bulletins, we are proud to offer a complete year-round program. Our program consists of several plans, each developed to meet varying needs and budgetary levels.

  • Plan A — 52 Weeks — Personal Custom Art Folders

  • Plan B — 48 Weeks — Personal Custom Art Folders plus special multicolored folders for Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas

  • Plan C — 40 Weeks — Personal Custom Art Folders plus twelve multicolored folders (one each month) including the special days in Plan B.

*Bulletin Subscriptions include all artwork, type setting, and black and white proofs for your approval.