Our Stock Bulletins are offered on a more continuous basis. In our Every Sunday Series, once the supply of stock is gone, it is no longer offered. The Stock Bulletins include stock that remains from our Every Sunday Series, plus bulletins that have been the most popular over the years. We revise our Stock Bulletin inventory annually in July. The Stock Bulletin series offers many bulletins to be used for special occasions, as well as those that can be used for general purposes.

Effective January 1, 2024

Pricing: Eleven inch bulletins: Stock Bulletin prices are $12.00 per hundred for those who do not receive our continuous orders. We offer reduced prices for customers who order large quantities of our stock bulletins: $55.00 per 500; $90.00 per 1,000 bulletins; $9.00 per hundred for more than 1,000 bulletins.

Fourteen inch bulletins: $13.50 per 100 bulletins; $65.00 per 500 bulletins; $115.00 per 1,000 bulletins.

Stock bulletins require a minimum of 50 per bulletin number and quantity increases in increments of 50. Shipping is added to all orders. Stock Bulletin prices for our continuous order customers are the same as our Every Sunday Series.

If you wish to order, we suggest you first make a list of the bulletins numbers you like, and whether you want the back page blank or with the devotional message. Then, to place the order you can phone us at 800-874-8332 (U.S. only); fax us at 320-732-3457; or email us. Please include the list of bulletins in the text of your email.

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